I ask God to bless U, to guide U, to keep U safe, to give U peace, to give you joy and love all d time.

Life could be so bad. Situation might b so hard but the Knowledge that U have GOD is something that cheers you up.

God in heaven, God above, please protect the friend i love. Sent wid a smile, Sealed with a kiss, i love my friend who's reading this.

Once U find someone U really love, try ur hardest not to lose them, so that you will never get the feeling of loneliness BLINKING STARS

DIL sye nikli DUA hy HAMARI
ZINDAGI main mily aap ko KHUSHIAN sari
GHUM na de KHUDA aap ko kabi
Chahy to KHUSHYAN kam kar dy HAMARI
Every second God remembers YOU
Every minute God blesses YOU
Every hour God cares FOR YOU
bCoz every day I pray to Him
Bandi CRACK hy thora ziyada dheyan rakhna

Once U find some 1 u really luv, try ur hardest nt 2 loose them, so dat you will never get the feeling of  loneliness

Muskuraataa tayra jehaan rahay
Tayri hur mushkil Aasaan rahay
Tujhay urooj pr lay jaye tera naseeeb
Tuuu zameeen pr bun kay Aasmaan rahay,

I Wishez fr U
Gr8 start fr Monday
No Hurdlez fr Tuesday
No pain fr Wednesday
No worriez fr Thursday
Smile fr Friday
Party fr Saturday
& Gr8 fun fr Sunday
Have a beautiful and smart weeeek.

With my
1 Hearttt...
2 eyez...
5 liters blood...
206 bonezz...
1.2 milion Red Cells...
60 trilion DNAs...
I wish u Al da very blessssed day

Sum timez v must b hurt in order to grow,
Sum timez v must fail in order to no,
Sum timez v must lose in order to gain
Bcoz sum lessonz in life r best learned through pain.
Hav a blessssed day !

Hapinesss az light az air.
Frnds az solid as diamondz n
succesas az bright az gold.
Dese r my wishez fr yu 2day n every day...best blessed day
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